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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Always Save The Liver

It's hard not to do a Julia Child impersonation after seeing the new film, Julie and Julia based on a book which was based on a blog. In fact, I believe it's the first time a blog has been turned into a movie, and it's a very cool thing. Gosh, where do I begin. I guess it's most appropriate to tell you about the screening event in recipe format. So, here goes nothing.

Julie and Julia (Serving size: 2)

1. Cool down the theater to 67 degrees to make well dressed guests comfortable.
2. Add lime, peach and gin to a liquid nitrogen cooled glass.
3. Stir in trout with beets topped with a dab of coconut kick and lamb and shrimp.
4. Add beer and wine and mix with supplied whisk (yes, there is an "h" I was wrong)until well combined.
5. While mixture is simmering, cleanse the palette with bitter dark chocolate (better save for baking).
6. Drain liquid from mixture and add more gin.
7. Cook for over 2 hours

Serve with a bottle (or two) of La Planta, and any of the following:
- grilled octopus over Mediterranean salad w/purple potatoes
- roasted meatballs with garlic, manchego cheese and oregano dressing
- Prince Edward mussels in a tomato sherry wine sauce (served by Prince Edward himself)
-Classically cured smoked Spanish Mohama tuna.

Your guests will fall head over heels for this meal. I promise.

I enjoyed the movie. Meryl Streep is unbelievable as Julia Child capturing her voice and mannerisms wonderfully. The movie, clocking in at over two hours goes by very quickly and never drags thanks to Nora Ephron's screenplay. It's a feel good film that shows that when you put your mind to something, you can achieve your dreams. And both Julie and Julia did. And so it is with great excitement that I announce that I will be cooking through James Beard's American Cookery. Well, not really. But it sounds fun, doesn't it?

I leave you with this clip...a classic.


Heather said...

I seriously can't wait to see this movie...I haven't been this excited waiting for a movie to come out since Lord of the Rings!! Andrew and I often do Julia impersonations when we cook and I can't wait to see how close we are to the real deal :)

Evan said...

You're going to like the film! Here's an idea. A party where everyone dresses like Julia and brings a dish of hers.