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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Life: The Movie

Believe it or not I usually do not commute to or from work listening to my iPod...until recently. I grew tired of the coughs, weezes, banter that I would hear at different points of my journey. I now put music on as I leave my apartment and it's like I have a soundtrack, a commuting soundtrack. When I walk down fifth avenue and through Washington Park, I visualize camera shots that go along with whatever song I'm listening to at the moment. The arch, fountain, statues all whirl around and are sudden stars in this nonexistent picture. Directing life is much easier when there's music involved. I realize I might just be muttering nonsense but hopefully some of you can catch my drift.

I have been seeing a lot of Paul Giamatti lately. In one of my posts a long long long time ago, I talked about street friends. These are people that you pass on your route to work or school and you start to recognize them but you never learn their names or even talk to them. Street friends. I'd like to now consider Paul as one of my street friends, although next time I am stopping to ask him about his upcoming film, Cold Souls.

I'm not a coffee drinker but perhaps I should minute it's good for you, the next minute it's not, then only organic, and on and on.

This is pretty cool, a miniature robot that could save your life.

Many of you have seen footage from the Michael Jackson Memorial Service but Trinity Wall Street Church had their own tribute

I just learned of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. That's right, the tournament is coming...

Upcoming July 2009 Events New York City

What: Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament New York City
Where: McCarren Park (Where exactly in the park is TBD, stay tuned!!!)
When: Sunday, July 12th, 2009 12:30-2pm
Entry Fee: Free, tubes provided.
What to bring: Water, cardboard armor, costumes are highly encouraged. Prizes awarded for best cardboard costume and tournament winners. Tubes will be supplied.
What to expect: Welts and possibly bruises. It is highly recommended that only children above the age of 5 participate.

Oh Google, is there anything you can't do?

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Elysian Cafe which, if you are ever in Hoboken, I definitely recommend. They have a great outdoor seating area, it's on a fairly quiet block and the atmosphere is perfect. The Elysian CafĂ© is the oldest continually operated bar/restaurant in Hoboken. Opened originally as Dillenger & Jeffson’s in 1895, it continued through prohibition as an ice cream parlor and as a hair salon. It has a great history and the food is good but make sure you are in good company because that is really what matters most.

Enjoy your day :-)

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