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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Gym

(Storm damage in Washington Square Park)

There are things about a gym that bother me to no end, my pet peeves. Let's begin with the people who do not wipe down the machines when they are done sweating all over them. There is a paper towel dispenser and spray bottle for a reason. If you are too lazy to wipe your sweat off of the machine for the next person then you should be forced to clean the sweaty mats off. There should be some sort of alarm that goes off when someone doesn't clean off a machine, like the "didn't wash hands" alarm in the bathrooms.

Okay, Number 2: The people who turn the fan off of the swing setting so that no one else can enjoy the cool breeze. Not only that, when they leave, they don't even bother turning the fan back to swing. Are you that exhausted that you can't go over and push a button after reading US WEEKLY on the elliptical? Do you think Angelina would do such a thing?

Number 3: The moaning, groaning and strutting. Sometimes I forget that I am in a gym and not on the farm. Sounds like the goats are groaning again. I can hear these sounds coming from the weight room below and you'd think someone was dying a horrible death. But no, it's the "who can grunt loudest, lift the heaviest" mentality that leads to these sounds of pain. Guys make fun of women for their obsession with mirrors, but at the gym I cannot tell you how many times guys check themselves out in the mirror. Looking for any sign of Mr. Pec or Mr. Tricep peeking up below the flesh.

Fizzy Milk? Leave it to Coca-Cola to come up with such a fizzy lifting drink.

When roadsigns are misspelled, next on FOX.

Babies and ladybugs...cute, right? Something about this video however is disturbingly creepy.

5D and EX1 Lady Bug Swarm from Michael Ramsey on Vimeo.

Hope you have a great Monday and congrats to all those Triathletes who competed this past weekend!

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