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Friday, July 17, 2009

Now That's A Fish

I have a feeling 11-year-old Jessica Wanstall and her family will be having many fish dinners in the coming month. Jessica caught a 9 foot catfish after a 20 minute battle. Pretty impressive, Jessica.

And while we're on the topic of large fish, jumbo squid have invaded San Diego waters, and there are thousands of them.

Adam posted an amazing link yesterday.

British-born and -based artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster skilfully skirt the boundaries between beauty and the shadowier aspects of humanity, playing with our perceptions as well as our notions of taste. Many of their most notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish, with light projected against them to create a shadow image entirely different to that seen when looking directly at the deliberately disguised pile.

Be sure to check out the other photos. So interesting and bizarre. I love it.

I don't know if I quite buy this. Johnny Depp's dream role is to play Carol Channing. dchiamonds are Johnny's beeeest friieeend.

Who caught this video the WSJ did on Skinny Jeans? Here's a game, try and count to see how many times the word "skinny" is said in this video.

Forget about the stuffed teddy bear, I want a lobster!

I know what you are thinking, today's post is so shallow compared to yesterday's. It's just links. I want some personal life stories. Issues. Emotion. Stay the meantime, I hope this will make up for it.

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