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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter and the Two and a Half Hour Print

Last night I attended a screening of the newest Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Rather than give a review, I'd just like to mention a few things about this film and the series in general. First of all, this film like many of the others clocks in at two and a half hours and feels long. There are some really drawn out moments where you are staring at a shot for much longer than you should be. They were successful at making The Half Blood Prince darker than the others but you can tell that they pull back so as to not let the film get too scary for the kiddies. There's a enough lovey dovey romance and cutesy tootsie ogling and such to make you sick and it's really overplayed in this film, but the audience eats that stuff up. Alright, we get it, Lavender Brown has a thing for Ron. Let's move on please.

I like going into a movie and being surprised. Being taken to new worlds, meeting new and interesting characters but these movies spoon feed me the same thing every time. They are fun to watch and the special effects are pretty good, but I'm never satisfied. My grandmother used to have a saying that I disliked and disagreed with, "You've seen one tree, you've seen them all" and I realize that perhaps she wasn't referring to a tree at all, she was referring to the Harry Potter series.

Video has now surfaced of the Superman arrest in Times Square:

At the end, we get a glimpse of the guy taking the video and our translators here at Evan Almighty have translated what he is saying, "I am Batman".

I love stuff like this next product, Rocket Shower. Don't have time to shower after the gym at lunch? Not a problem, just spray.

It has been announced that Natalie Portman has been cast in Marvel's Thor movie. She will play the character of Jane Foster.


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