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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorry 800

I completely forgot to celebrate post 800 two days ago, so break out the noisemakers, today is post #802. I'm looking forward to the big celebration when I reach 1,000.

Did you get home dry yesterday? I didn't. An umbrella is only so helpful in windy conditions, and when I exited the PATH in Hoboken, it was a complete downpour with real thunder and lightning, oh my! I must admit, there is something nice about being inside my apartment in the rain. I always know when the rain starts because I can hear it tapping on my air conditioner.

I will be on somewhat of a vacation next week so stay tuned for lack of posts but lots of photos. My goal is to just go crazy taking photographs of everything natural because I have decided to enter this pretty big photography contest which I stumbled upon last night. Here's to hoping.

Ladies and Gentleman, I now bring you the shake weight!

You'll love the way you look and you'll feel confident and beautiful.

Over the next couple of years we will be seeing more and more 3D technology coming to our homes.

Ever wonder why we never forget to ride a bike? Well here's the answer.

With all the recent rain, who wants more. Well, this is pretty darn cool.

(Thanks to Pam for sending this in)

This is great, but can you tweet and update my facebook status?

Do you have a bunch of old mattresses lying around? If so, it's time to play mattress dominoes.

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