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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rat on Fifth Ave.

We've all seen the giant inflatable rats around the city but I had to take a photo of this one being inflated. I had to scoot by before the giant head pinned me to the side of the building. Some of you may not know about the Rat and it's significance. So, here's a little blurb so you get an idea:

Giant inflatable rats, are commonly used by protesting or striking trade unions against their employers or against nonunion contractors, serving as a sign of opposition and call public attention to companies employing nonunion labor. As of 2005[update], unions had been using them for years against companies that employed nonunion labor[1], and employers have filed lawsuits charging that the use of the giant inflatable rats constituted unlawful picketing, which some courts have agreed with. The practice of using inflatable rats in union protests may have something to do with the usage of the word "rat" to refer to nonunion contractors.

We've all had blankies and stuffed animals and pillows. But this, this is taking it a step too far.

Let me get this straight, fake cop tries to pull over real cop, real cop tells fake cop that he is a real cop, fake cop is arrested by real cop.

Treehugger has this interesting new milk container concept. Milk stays fresher longer. So introducing, the shrinking Jug!

And while we are on the subject of milk, how about some Chocolate Camel's milk from Dubai?

Leave it to the NY POST to get the real scoop on the Naked Cowboy, the next mayor of New York City. You can laugh, but the man makes $200-$300 a day, won a suit against M&Ms, and earns as much as $10,000 a day for appearances not to mention he sells T-shirts, underwear, DVDs, his music and even Naked Whey protein supplements.

Well, the dirtiest apartment contest has ended and the winners have been announced. Achoo.

Apparently, the Malibu Diner has been getting more up: Cammarano Bus Tour..and on our right, this is morning hot spot where you usually can usually find him ordering an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and bribes.

Some people will do anything to get close to the Intrepid, including this man who took a "drunk" in the Hudson River.

Because it's Tuesday, I'll leave you with this synchronized swimming clip:

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