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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doin' Coo Coo, The Pigeon

It is entirely appropriate to start today's blog with one of my favorite childhood songs from Sesame Street. When I was a kid I'd put this record on and dance like a pigeon. Oh come on, try to listen to this song and not Coo.

So last night was the big Sir Paul McCartney Concert and it was incredible. Citi Field was packed with fans awaiting to hear their favorite songs, and when one of my favorites came on, there was a huge spectacle. That's right, Live and Let Die. Let's just say there were pyrotechnics and fireworks. I took a video of it which I will most likely post soon. The Script, is the band that opened for Paul and they were very good, but there was such a magical feeling when Paul took the stage and thousands upon thousands of screaming fans showed some love. It's hard to believe that for less than the price of dinner at some cheap Thai joint in the city, we had the opportunity to see this show and had great seats. I did my fair share of singing along, hooting and hollering and somehow managed to keep my voice this morning. I had read some reviews that complained there was too much "singing along" at these concerts but quite honestly, there is something so amazing when a musician can pass the refrain of a song off to an entire stadium.

At 67, Paul is able to rock out and give the audience a 2 hour and 40 minute concert, so the next time you are debating about whether or not you are too tired to go to the gym, think of Sir McCartney.

What is this? Naked Cowboy...oh no, nooooo.

Watch out, Hermione is heading to Brown University. Watson says she plans on starting up a Quidditch team.

Ah, The Big Lebowski, one of the great Coen brothers films. I didn't realize there was a Lebowski Fest and it looks like the real "Dude" spoke. Sweeet.

When I have a house, this is what I want to do to my garage door.

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