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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whose Duck Is That?

A few things I'd like to put out there this morning. First, when I go to the gym and there are 16 open machines, why is it that someone always comes and uses the one right next to me? Does this happen to other people or just me? Maybe the guy thought if he stood next to me he could pretend he was racing me.

The second thing is that I feel bad about something that happened this morning on the PATH. What would you do in this situation. I got myself a great seat and was reading when a woman comes on and stands to the side of me. I quickly glanced up and thought she looked pregnant but was not at all sure. I thought about just offering my seat but what if she wasn't pregnant? Then it would have been an awkward 15 minute ride unless she just thought I was being polite and offering my seat to a lady. I probably should have gotten up but I didn't, I continued reading. So pregnant woman on the PATH, if you are reading this I'm sorry.


You know what? I'll wear tight fitting shirts, put on an accent, and judge the singers for $100 mil.

The Obama Deli is now Open.

Well I missed this...but be sure to read the full profile of Nora Ephron in the current issue of The New Yorker.

The bees are buzzin in the trees making honey just for me.

Lauren, this is for Arabic.

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