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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mahna Mahna, Do Do, Do Do Do.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to July 4th, a day that I love because it brings back memories of our annual tailgating picnic in Vermont and watching the fireworks set against shadowed mountains. I won't be in Vermont this year however, so I better pick up some sparklers to celebrate something else that happened July 4th weekend last year. Something that when I look back now, was a blessing. It taught me a lot about life, love and lead to my meeting new and amazing people and working on some very exciting projects.

But why wait until next weekend for fireworks?

As a tribute to Billy Mays, I'd like to post this again. This guy was an incredible salesman. He could really sell anything.

It's true, Boaz Frankel is back in Portland and the Un-Road Trip has come to an end. Congrats Boaz! When do you start your trip around the world in a house fitted with thousands of balloons?

I heard from some friends that they went to church yesterday and saw none other than Jim McGreevy. Other notables around town are Danny Aiello, Jon Corzine and Eli Manning.

I re-watched the Where The Wild Things Are trailer the other day. I cannot wait for this film.

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