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Monday, June 22, 2009

Post 767

Pop open the Champagne because this is post #767. A great number.

The weekend was one filled with rain and relaxation. I was feeling under the weather (pun intended) by the end of last week and took the weekend to catch up on sleep and just relaxing. I was able to get some editing done, watched a few movies one of which, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, made me tear up, and was able to do some reading. All in all an excellent weekend.

Mondays can be hectic, the start of a new week. So while I'm on the topic of relaxation, why not take a moment to do some deep breathing. Hit play and then breathe away. Get your entire office to do it. Why not.

Ok, feeling relaxed and calm? Good, I'll move on.

My friend Amanda who is an extremely talented animator, works at JibJab and always lets us know when the new hot JibJab masterpiece is online. You may have already seen it but here it is for those of you who haven't:

Are you feeling sick? You may after reading this.

Only in Miami does an 83 year-old-man land a plane on the expressway.

The Mermaid Parade took place in Coney Island on Saturday with Harvey Keitel presiding as King Neptune. I'm honored that they have asked me to be King next year and haven't given them an answer yet as I'm not sure whether it's something I want to add to my resume.

Stories like this one really get my morning off to a great start. Okay, sit down, close your eyes and pretend you are skiing.

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