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Friday, June 5, 2009

Going to the Chapel and We're, Gonna Get M-a-a-arried

Last night I attended a shindig thrown by WEtv (television for women) at the 23rd street Clearview Cinemas. The event was to promote the new season of We shows specifically Bridezillas, Amazing Wedding Cakes and My Fair Wedding. It was also to promote the new Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds flick, The Proposal.

As we ascended the movie theater staircase, we came to a level where there was a flurry of activity. Free stuff? You betcha. Immediately, we were handed veils, and a piece of white chocolate molded into the We logo and placed in one of those wedding pouches reserved for Jordan Almonds. Next, we were offered mini cupcakes that promoted master cake designer Lauri Ditunno's shop, Cake Alchemy. At the next table were plastic We champagne glasses filled with sparkling cider and Pelligrino. They also had a photographer taking photos of people wearing their veils in front of a green screen to which they could add different backgrounds of your choice.

So back to the sparkling cider station. My retelling isn't going to do this justice and you'll probably just think I'm nuts but... a guy picks up a bottle of the Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and looks at the bottle like he is trying to find a year.

Man to server

Man: Is this Martinelli's?
Server: Yes
Man: And this (he points to the other glass)
Server: Pelligrino, yes.

Hmm..this isn't going to be funny to anyone else is it. Sorry. You had to have been there.

Once we were seated we heard two of the stars from We shows speak, David Tutera and Lauri Ditunno. They answered questions and plugged their shows until the socket was overloaded. Then came the Bridezillas promo.

I have never seen Bridezillas. We watched some scenes from the new season in complete horror. How can people watch this? It was the most disturbing and upsetting look at marriage and love. Not to mention some of the people had kids and I felt for those kids. I don't know how much of this show is staged and I'm sure the editing makes people look even worse. It actually reminded me a lot of Jerry Springer. Why do we like watching this? Does it make us feel better about our lives? Is it just entertaining? To be honest, I thought the funniest line was that this one couple met at the show, "Lucky Stiff".

Once Bridezillas ended, it was time for The Proposal. I went into this film not expecting much and it's by no means a great film. Is it fun? Yeah, and Sandra Bullock doesn't look half bad in a towel. Not to mention a lot of the film takes place in Alaska so for those not interested in the movie you can enjoy the scenery. I've seen far worse movies but if you're looking to see a movie this weekend, I recommend waiting for this one on DVD and seeing either The Hangover or Away We Go.

Those who know me well enough know that I love going to these types of events. I love seeing what ideas these networks come up with to promote their products. It was a great night and now I have to find a missing passport so I can get into Canada. Eh.

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