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Monday, June 8, 2009

FIrst Day Down

Well, I'm not sure I'm quite up for typing a complete rundown of today but last night Boaz and I met up on the Amtrak train and got off at Essex Junction, Vt to the most beautiful sunset and orange-colored sky. It was chilly and a few minutes later we were met by Steve and his friend, Jeannie who were kind enough to give us rides through town and then back to Steve's house where he kindly hosted us for the night. We had warm split pea soup and homemade bread when we arrived and woke up to a french toast breakfast before it was time to hit the bikes and ride to Airport Park. Steve invented a really cool bike which you can read all about on his website and was extremely gracious. Once we arrived to Airport Park we met up with Brooke who came up with a way for you to bike down a snowy mountain in the winter. The news van then pulled up and briefly interviewed Boaz as did Matt, a photographer for the local paper. Then Jason pulled up with a car loaded with paddle surfboards for the next leg of the journey. Worried that all of our stuff would get ruined in the lake, I hopped in a car with Matt who was kind enough to drive me to the other end of the cut where Boaz and Jason paddle surfed to. We arrived a little late due to some wrong turns. Boaz was standing on a ferry with a bunch of great guys who were a great help to us today. We were then in the hands of Phelps who had bikes for us and led us along the lake to the ferry. We boarded the ferry along with many cars and then we were dropped off in Plattsburgh, NY where I sit right now, in a Best Western. We missed the train to Canada because Boaz couldn't get a ride to the train station in time. I hopped in a taxi and had the most interesting and hysterically funny driver. I'm tired. I want to say a lot more. Good night.

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