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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kitchener, Ontario

After we woke up this morning, Pam made breakfast for us at Le Petit Prince which consisted of petite chocolate croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice, spinach and cheese omelet and deliciously herbed potatoes. There was also fresh fruit lining the plate which perfectly cleansed the palate. Then we were off. We couldn't leave Montreal without trying their new bike share stations. Find a station, put in your credit card and take a bike to use for however long you need to. I hope they'll bring this system to Hoboken...

We biked around for a short while and even went down a cobblestone street at which point Boaz yelled back, "it's like getting a massage". Then it was time to return the bikes to a station and head to the train to Toronto and then to Kitchener. The trains here are so much nicer than the Amtrak in the US. Everyone is punctual, the service is excellent, and the ride was a pleasure. Even the bathrooms are nicer, none of this horrible blue chemical when you flush like the US Amtrak trains. Plus, the french makes it seem much classier.

We finally arrived in Kitchener, Ontario where we were greeted by Brent and Morgan who brought along a truck bike and a tandem bike for us to ride to Brent's home where we are currently spending the night. Brent and Natalie made an excellent dinner and we even got to see some of the TV clips which have featured Brent's treadmill bike. I will hopefully get photos up tomorrow. While you wait for me to post photos be sure to head over to >Brent's website. There are some pretty cool bikes. Like the treadmill bike, the couch bike, the family truckster and many more.

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