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Friday, June 19, 2009

Pattinson Hit By A Cab

By now you have heard of all the Robert Pattinson sightings in New York City, I could care less but I am intrigued by fame. Are women really in love with this guy or are they in love with his character from the vampire series? I believe it's the latter. So yesterday, they were filming in front of The Strand and fans started running towards him. He tried to get away but a cab grazed his side.

As you can imagine, Bruno is going to be a huge Summer hit and I'm certainly looking forward to it. You can't go wrong with Sacha Baren Cohen.

Olive Garden pulled their ads from The Late Show? Or did they...I know America has been just dying to know.

Attention citizens, you must now wear underwear to work.

And now, your random clip of the week:

Shoutout to Lauren for finding this site, it definitely is clever and fun!

I had to take the subway this morning and was surrounded by a strange few. I'd like to briefly tell you about one guy who I have named Geppetto. Why? Because he had a mustache and he was studying this wooden carved figure of a man, but studying it very intensely. He turned the faceless sculpture in his hands looking at it from different angles. I really wished I had taken a photo. Then I got off and the man stood up and screamed "Pinocchio!" Okay, that's a lie. And while I'm on the topic of wooden boys, I used to love love love the Fairy Tale theater version of Pinocchio starring, Paul Rubens (aka Pee-Wee).

I'll leave you with this image:

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