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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend In Surround Sound

Let me start off this Monday morning with some good news. As you may know, they have been renovating Washington Square Park in pieces. Well, the first renovated portion of the park is going to reopen tomorrow. So grab your lunch and let's meet by the new fountain.

I am still smiling today because I met Gracie yesterday. She is an amazingly beautiful baby and Robert and Mia are going to make great parents. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow, go to Princeton and win a Nobel. Babies are too cute.

Uh oh, Alec Baldwin isn't welcome in the Philippines.

And now a message from Eurovision 2009 Winner ALEXANDER RYBAK:

This is a nice story. Barbara Hillary traveled to the North Pole in what sounds like an amazing journey. When she arrived. cold and tired, Santa's elves came out and brought her to their workshop where she spent the night.

I found myself to be the owner of a surround sound system this weekend. It all started when I went into Best Buy to browse and found what turns out to be an amazing deal on Mirage speakers. A subwoofer and Yamaha receiver later, I was all set to experience the magic of surround sound only there was one speaker wire. But let me rewind. I'd like to just mention briefly the exchange that took place at the store where I bought the receiver, a store where the salesmen get paid based on commission. Never again. I had two guys fighting over the sale of this receiver. They were basically arguing in front of me and I used it to get them to knock another ten bucks off the price. I usually don't go into these stores so I am not used to this competition. You feel like a chicken walking into a wolves den. Now all I have to do is install my theater seats and my Slushee machine and we can do movie night at my place.

Have a great day!

Oh wait, one more thing. I guess this has been a topic people have discussed on the Internet but I was watching Mike'd Up last night and couldn't help but crack up at the huge bowl of cheetos next to him. Does he eat those? I don't get it. Please explain.

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