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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Packing Light

If there's one thing I have trouble doing, it's packing light. I always bring too much and my clothes and shoes are so big that they take up a lot and I mean a lot of room. So after having spoken with Boaz yesterday about my joining him on a leg of The Un-Road Trip, I'm wondering what I should pack into the one backpack I'm going to bring. Yikes! I better find a big backpack. Boaz been traveling over 10 days already with just one bag so I'm sure I can do five days, right?

I will be joining Boaz on a train from NYC to Vermont and then we will work our way to Canada and then to Detroit, Michigan. And you can follow along at I'll be with Boaz the second week in June.

I was saddened by the news of Dom DeLuise's passing. I used to see Mr. DeLuise all the time in Vermont during the summers where he had a home for a while. In fact, many times I saw him at garage sales and even had an encounter with him where he complimented something we had bought. A very nice man, a very funny man...he will be missed.

Jim Henson's Youth '68, his hour long documentary will be screened tonight at the 92Y Tribeca.

I enjoyed watching this and hope you will too:

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

Please allow me a moment for my TWILIGHT TIRADE...the damn movie has been sitting in my apartment for over a month and I finally put it on last night. Luckily I had other stuff to do so I had it on in the background. Why the fascination? I still don't get it. Yes, I'm sure the book is better but the movie was just horrific. My favorite line from the movie had to be "I can’t be sure, of course, but I’d compare it to living on tofu and soy milk; we call ourselves vegetarians, our little inside joke" according to Robert Pattinson, the vampire hotthrob who sparkles when he stands in the sun (he's made of he's so sparkly). I know this movie was made for Tweens but they should go rent a good vampire flick, and don't tell me there aren't any.

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