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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dave's Still Got It

I only recently started having my DVR record Letterman. I stopped watching for awhile because it was on past my bedtime and I felt like some of it had gone stale. Now, they've extended the monologue right into the first commercial break which works, but I miss a lot of the old desk banter. I've started watching again and on shows such as last night's, with kid scientists, Dave is incredible. I could watch that for hours.

Okay Oprah, you have to stop, well unless you are promoting this blog or one of my other projects. First KFC and now the Acai berry?

You probably will never eat another McNugget after looking at this....

I always appreciate a good beat box...this one though is really amazing:

You have no idea how much joy this brings me.

Who said finding a job wasn't, ahem, hard.

Well, it's come to that point in this blog where I wish you a happy weekend.

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