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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Currently Reading

For those of you who don't know, I get floods of letters coming in everyday, so many in fact that I had to hire an intern to sort through them all. Surprisingly the second most asked question was about what I am reading. So, I figured I would take the time to tell you. Right now I'm reading Chuck Palahniuk's Fugitives and Refugees and I highly recommend it. Chuck takes us on a walk through Portland, Oregon and tells stories and points out some of Portland's most unique and interesting places, people and things. Think of it has a personal tour. It's interesting and I think I'm now ready to make the trip out there. Who doesn't want to see a self cleaning house?


Frances Gabe, born 1915, is one of Oregon's most renown inventors. And a quick dash to Newberg can get you a tour of her most famous invention, "The Self-Cleaning House." Correctly realizing that the constant maintenance of the home is bullshit, Frances crammed roughly 68 timesaving measures into her concrete house in Newberg to keep things tidy. These include ceiling spigots that hose down entire rooms, which are in turn covered with waterproof resin; high-powered blowers, which dry everything afterwards; a closet/washing machine; a cupboard/dishwasher and many other oddly endearing ideas. At almost 89 years old, Frances has plenty of intriguing and inspiring tales about being a woman inventor (however, you can also expect to endure an eye-rolling lecture on how "Mexicans are coming up here and taking all our jobs." What are you gonna do? She's 89 years old). Nevertheless, a visit to the Self-Cleaning House is a bizarre and fun trip out of town, and Frances is the very definition of "a piece of work." WSH

Newberg, OR. Reservations are REQUIRED. Call 503-538-4946 for appointment and directions. $25 for one; $5 additional.

I was hoping to find video of the house but all I could find was a self cleaning toilet.

Can you feel all the excitement in the air about the LOST Season Finale? I sure can, and if you really want to go nuts, go check out Previously On Lost's party taking place in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Cotton candy, LOST cupcakes, Dharma punch and more. I'm thinking I better get myself a Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit....I'll be set for Halloween. The Mork jumpsuit might be fun too...

Last but not least, a movie I have not seen yet but one which I think would be fun to screen and watch with friends...Tiptoes

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