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Monday, May 4, 2009


Everyone has told me they have seen people riding the subway wearing surgical masks and I believed them. But when I saw a couple walking around the MOMA yesterday wearing masks, I could just feel the excitement pumping through my veins. Here's why. There is something about seeing all of this modern art and then two people wearing the brightest white masks. It was as though they themselves were art. I would have loved to have posed them against a Picasso but a) they weren't speaking English so trying to convince them that I should take a picture of them was out of the question and b) no photos were allowed in the room. So I had to snap this blurry photo with my phone. This was after some other tourists yelled at me because I was walking into their shot in front of Pollack.

Even though the museum was crowded, I really enjoyed most of the current exhibits and the nice thing about the MOMA is that it's not too big. Oh, and I'm not obsessed with this Vitra Algue...I want them.

But she looks so harmless...

Moments later, Secret Service took down each and every duck mistaking them for terrorists. Geez.

Star Trek will be in theaters this week so get ready...Sorry, I just had to post this link because it made me laugh this morning. No offense to any Trekkies who read this blog.

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