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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Name Game

When I forget to bring reading material with me on the train in the morning, I find my mind wandering, thinking about life, love, relationships and names. Hmmm...that guy definitely looks like a Chad. Today I started looking around trying to guess peoples names. If I were to shout out "David" I'm sure someone would respond, right?

When I got home last night from Piccola Cosi, I noticed a faint smell of gas. Cut to an hour later, a PSEG guy stands in my kitchen with his reader but alas, the metal pin does not budge to indicate that gas is present in the room. He knocked on the neighbors door below me first, sorry neighbors.

Exciting day for The Un-Road Trip. Boaz will be appearing on the Today Show trying out some new and cool modes of transportation.

Rats are on the loose in the West Village. Que Michael Cera Cera.

Umm, I want to go see Wicked Plants at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, who's coming with me?

Now here's one way to sell cars...

Have a wonderful Thursday :-)

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