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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Every office has one, it sits in the corner stuffed to the gills, Ted comes in every day and puts his foil covered leftovers on the top shelf right. The office refrigerator. There is always something rotten in one and in our office, there are often email reminders to clear out any old food we have left in there. Well now comes a story about an office with a stinky refrigerator that caused the office to be evacuated! So the lesson of the day, don't leave food to rot in the refrigerator...which reminds me, I better drink that Kefir before it goes bad.

Hillary spoke at the NYU graduation yesterday and it's been making headlines. Letterman even had a monologue joke about it. I was hoping that another student would make a mad dash to the field so that we could watch him get thrown down by secret security. No such luck.

Is this for real? Blago? It's Bleep'n Golden

Is it me or is Jeanne Moos's voice really irritating?

Up, the new Pixar film is the first animated film to open Cannes Film Festival, and it's going to be in 3-D! C'est plus excitant!

So you LOST fans, what did you think of the season finale? I won't say anything because I know some of you haven't seen it yet. I thought it finished strong and left me wanting more. That's a good sign. It was like a fine wine or like, well you tell me:

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