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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Snuggie and Joe Ades

I know you are probably tired of hearing about this body blanket, but I was watching the Today Show and the entire crew was wearing them today. Which got me thinking, we can make all the fun we want of this thing but the person who invented it is a rich man or woman. Seriously. Oh, and they just copied the "Slanket" which was the first type of body blanket cover. So now I am working on my invention. It's top secret so don't even try to get it out of me.

While I'm talking about inventions I should mention I'm very upset this morning because I found out that Joe Ades died. That name might not mean anything to you but I bought my first peeler from him many years ago in college. I'm sure you've seen him peddling his peelers. He's been in numerous articles and could usually be found at the Union Square Market peeling away with that heavy brogue. We're going to miss you Joe.

He seemed like an interesting man and I always smiled and stopped when I heard him.

I went to see Hedda Gabler last night starring Mary Louise-Parker. I enjoyed the show, the play is very good but I feel like the acting was off. I didn't believe the characters and felt they were a bit too over the top. Some of the acting was just plain bad. I was surprised and while I'm no Ibsen expert, I heard some huge fans talking intensely about how they ruined the play. Yikes. I still enjoy going to see shows and had a good time last night.

Have a great day!

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