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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sicky Tricky Tray

I have no idea why, but for some reason I always thought Tricky Tray was the name of some band or a DJ who played around NJ because there would always be these signs saying "Tricky Tray, TONIGHT! 8:00pm" I just always assumed this band was raking in the big bucks. I mean, who else gets this many gigs. Well years later I found out that Tricky Tray was, well, I'm still not exactly sure how to describe it. Okay, so here's a definition from, believe it or not, A whole site dedicated to the Tricky Tray.

a fund raising event for a church, school or other organization where guests buy tickets, then place them in a container next to the item they would like to win. Items can be a single item or a group of items based on a theme. Once everyone has had the opportunity to place his or her tickets in the container, the drawing for the prizes begins. If your number matches the winning number drawn, You win that prize.

Okay, I'm starting to get it now. Just need some visuals.

Have you been to a Tricky Tray? If so, I want to hear about it. Write to me at

I missed the wacky interview on Letterman with Joaquin Phoenix, so won't you please watch it with me right now?

Whatever you do, don't eat the peanuts. Don't do it.

Have a great day!


Anthony said...

Umm, isn't that just a Chinese auction?

Evan said...
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