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Monday, February 9, 2009

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

I've now been a bachelor for, hmmm let's see, 7 months now and I've been keeping really busy with multiple projects and ignoring the emails from Match and Jdate. Numerous people have said they want to "fix me up" a phrase that sends shivers down my spine but at the same time, intrigues me. I imagine some people are excellent matchmakers, while others are completely off on their matching.

Recently, I've been through a few cold calls, probably the most awkward part of trying to reach out and getting to know the other person. I always feel like I'm peddling encyclopedias, although in actuality, I'm selling something much better *wink* *wink*. When I go into making that cold call I usually just pretend I'm calling a celebrity to interview him/her. This thinking helps me, although occasionally, I will spout out a question like, "So what's it like doing your own action stunts?" and then that usually follows with silence on the other end. Once you get past the cold call, which by the way, isn't as bad as I'm making it sound, the next step is setting a time to meet up. Gosh we owe a lot to Facebook. Yes, it allows incoming freshman to find out what drugs their roommate is on but even more importantly, Facebook lets those being set up on blind dates do some research on the other. Hmm, where am I going with this post? I honestly don't know. Well, if you think you have a match for me, let me know. I'm always up for meeting new and interesting people. That's my rant for today. Maybe I should move to New Zealand.

We all have hectic lives, so why not take a moment to enjoy this view:

Iceland from Eva Sturm on Vimeo.

All you ebook fans out there, get ready for the new Kindle!

I leave you with my interview with Elizabeth Guider, Editor of The Hollywood Reporter, and no, this is not one of the cold calls I was speaking of earlier, wiseguy.

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