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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chicken Caesar

I'd like to start off today with a story about class last night. One of my classmates said something that was pretty Hi-larious. Every week we workshop our ideas around the table and our classmates offer criticisms and positive feedback. Our teacher suggests that we start with a bit of honey before tearing into each others work. So one of my classmates last night started critiquing another person's outline and said, "it's like Caesar salad without the chicken". This is funny because a traditional Caesar salad does not have chicken on it. In fact, I don't know when the Chicken Caesar was created but if Caesar knew what was going on with his salad, I don't think he would be too happy. So anyway, what this classmate meant by using the Chicken Caesar Salad analogy as you may have figured out is that he felt his classmates story was lacking some meat. I'm not going anywhere with this tale, just wanted to share it.

Oh those Sex-mad Russians...

Bloomberg thinking of closing some Times Square Streets to car traffic.

Jerry Seinfeld is going to be a Marriage Ref...

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