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Monday, February 23, 2009

And Who Are You Wearing?

Last night's Academy Awards were disappointing. Hugh Jackman wasn't spectacular or very funny and I felt like I was watching the Tony's...again. I think it's time to bring back Billy Crystal. Force him to do it. I posted my Oscar picks on my blog before the show so if you bet money and used my picks, could you please share the wealth? I didn't do half bad. I thought the set was amazing and I loved how they presented the best supporting actor/actress and best actor/actress. That was awesome.

While I agree that Man on Wire deserved best Documentary, I want to tell you that if you haven't seen Young at Heart, do yourself a favor and rent that. It's touching, funny, and just a great documentary. I saw this video and it reminded me of the movie.

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a's Octodaddy.

A Carnival queen is getting attention after painting President Barack Obama's face on her thigh. The last time a President's face was on someone's thigh was, well, Bill Clinton.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.

I had to call Verizon last night because for some reason, I suddenly had a Canadian ISP address which was making all of my google searches screwy. They played dumb like other people weren't calling and then the guy says, oh wait some of my coworkers are saying they have gotten similar calls. Really? Did you think people weren't going to notice when they go to Google it comes up as Google Canada? What's that all aboot, eh?

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