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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Could Have Used a Snuggie

I know you are asking yourself, come on Evan, will you stop talking about Snuggies already. Well I really want the Snuggie people to send me a free one. I could have really used a Snuggie last night. For some reason, my heat wasn't going on. I would have been fine had I brought my blankets over but I haven't. So under my sheet and thank god for the body bath towel, I managed to keep warm and make it into work this morning. As many of you know, I'm taking this TV Sitcom writing class that is a lot of fun. We have to choose a tv show sitcom and write a spec script for it. Coming up with an idea is not the hard part, it's trying to fit the idea into a formula of the show so that the actions and reactions flow and make sense. I have been having difficulty with mine but got some ideas from our workshopping in class last night.

Thanks to Google, now we can keep track of each others whereabouts!

Welcome aboard Flight 175, I'm your Captain Jack.

This proves that anything is funny when you put it to Benny Hill theme:

Victor Delgato gotta text messagehe'll never forget:

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