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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Satsuma Mandarin

I love citrus. I should probably be living in florida owning a citrus company because I just love citrus. I have always really enjoyed the "Clementine". It's portable, sweet, and usually contains no seeds. But last night, I bought a box of Satsuma Mandarins. They look like clementines, but don't let their rough exterior fool you. They are the most delicious and most flavorful citrus I have had in awhile. I've never seen them in my local supermarket before so I was really excited. In addition to still having stems and leaves on them, these fruits were not from Spain or Chile, no they were from California. If you haven't had one of these you've got to try them. I brought some in with me today and if you're nice, I might give you a piece.

Tim Burton is an amazing man. If you have never seen this you should give it a watch:

I also saw the trailer for 9 last night, a film which he is producing. It looks interesting.

Did you see this clip of Barack? He looks for something that tastes good and for a good price:

So I brought back some maple syrup from Vermont and apparently there was a leak in the jug because when I got to the upper west side, it was half-empty, or half-full. It's causing quite a stir.

Get excited. NYC Winter Restaurant Week is coming...

1 comment:

Brian said...

that was one tasty mandarin. thanks evan!