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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday!

I am amazed at the online karaoke technology that has appeared over the years. First was singshot and now, Singsnap with many many more song options. So what are you waiting for, go over and record something and let me know when you do. Here's a recent song I recorded.

Speaking of songs, this guy, Corey Vidal, posted this star wars song on youtube. He makes it looks like he recorded himself singing the different acapella parts when he really is just lipsyncing and using a song recorded by Moosebutter.

Hi Ho Silver and awayyyyyyy... *belch*

Councilman and NYU Alumnus Eric Gioia appeared in a Jeopardy clue which read:

NYC Councilman Eric Gioia says 10 U.N. Missions owe the city $8 Million in these.

The answer? Any guesses? Unpaid Parking Tickets

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday weekend.

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