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Monday, January 26, 2009

Coming of Age in Korea

I hope you enjoyed the bitter weekend. It got cold outside and snow is on the way. On Saturday night I went to see my sister in the current show, Coming of Age in Korea now playing at The Castillo Theater. It's an interesting show that combines video, singing, and dancing. It's been selling out and was packed the other night. Despite a recorded music track and some cheesy video moments, I thought the show was enjoyable and full of emotion. The Castillo theatre is an excellent non-profit organization and if you can get a tour of the facilities, be sure to do so. It's a huge place!

I spent yesterday doing homework and coming up with ideas for my Office spec script for class. We were given a list of ideas that we are not allowed to use and whenever I come up with ideas, I now write them down in my moleskin notebook which I keep handy.

Google is slowly taking over the world.

I'm glad to see Arnold Diaz is still out there...

There are many jokes that can be made about this following story so go ahead, make your own:

Have a great MOnday!

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