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Monday, January 5, 2009

Flora and the Goof-Off

Gosh, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I can't believe the vacation went by so quickly. Well, let's start the New Year off right! While we were on hiatus, I made it to Vermont and back. I read, watched movies, went to some fun parties, started to pack and move stuff in to my new apartment. It was a busy few weeks.

Last night I went to Home Depot to specifically get one thing, Goof-Off. Apparently this is the stuff that will get off any goofs. I wonder if Ken Marino and David Wain know about this stuff. Of course, when you go into Home Depot, you end up finding numerous other items that you think you need, and you might. I pulled the cart over near the cleaning supplies because I am in the midst of cleaning the apartment. All of a sudden I hear this bright cheery voice shout "can I help you?". It was Flora. Standing at about 5'4, Flora used to clean houses full time and still does on occasion. She told me all about each product and which worked best for every counter,tub,toilet, name it, Flora knew how to clean it. She told me all of her friends who clean houses come in and buy certain products. She told me what these products were and I bought them. If Home Depot employees got paid based on commission, Flora would have gone home one rich lady. "When you are done washing your floor, put a little Fabuloso on it and it'll smell real nice" she said. Okay I didn't buy every product she recommended, but I did get a few of them. While she was distracting me, someone apparently thought it would be funny to empty out the items from my cart because they were too lazy to get one when they came into the store. I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe I had left it someplace else until I saw my items thrown onto a nearby tool box. Flora comforted me and then continued to tell me about how Electrolox is the best vacuum cleaner there is. She won't use any other. An hour and a half later, I checked out and before departing, I thought it would be nice to tell the manager about Flora and what a great help she had been. The manager said how nice to hear a customer saying something good about an employee. Now I just need to find Fauna. Maybe she's in plumbing.

He's good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like him!

This story reminds me of a great film I watched over the break called Young@Heart. I didn't get a chance to see it in the theaters and I am so glad I got around to seeing it on DVD. It is an incredible documentary that will make you laugh and cry. I sure did.

Have a great day! Good to be back.

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