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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I had my tv sitcom writing class last night (which is really an amazing class) and then I took the path to, yes, Hoboken, where I spent the first night in my apartment. The path ride took no time at all and when I got to the path station a very well dressed couple was talking to a bloody-faced homeless man, and I mean bloody. It actually helped to curb my appetite and I proceeded home. HOBO KEN, makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if that was Ken?

I love my apartment. I really do! I stayed up late setting up my cable and television and putting together my tv stand. It sure feels good to sleep until 7:30. Really good. Oh, and if you are in the market for new sheets, forget thread count, buy Bamboo sheets. They are by far the most comfortable.

Oh another observation about Hoboken. I wish I had a camera to snap a photo of the people walking to the Path in the morning. Did you ever see the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair? When at the end a bunch of people dressed like the man in Rene Magritte's "The Son of Man" painting? Well that's what it was like today. People converging from all which ways and guess what? They were all wearing the same coat. well, not the exact same coat but all had black coats on. I, myself, own a few of these jackets but to see all of these people wearing basically the same coat and coming together at the PATH entrance. It was a sight.

I love getting mail so you can imagine how I felt when I heard they might be cutting a day of mail delivery!!???

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