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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Ice Storm

Did you ever see Ang Lee's film, The Ice Storm? Well, that's what it was like in NJ this morning. A pretty thick sheet of ice covered the ground, the car, trees, power lines.

I love NJ news stories. Especially any involving UFOs! That's right, mysterious lights over Morris County? Must be a UFO!

I know what you're Olympic sport? No, not quite. This is one reason why I am terrified of ski lifts. No ifs ands or butts. I feel sorry for this guy but at least he'll be able to answer the "what's your most embarrassing moment" question without having to think about it.

And now, time for another Classic Clips and Quips moment. Boaz and I used to go to the Toy Fair every year to play with all the new cool toys. This segment was filmed in 2007, and includes a guest appearance by Howie Mandel who just sort of showed up and walked into our shot.

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