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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"What Keeps You Safe, Or Maybe It's Who" Nights of Rodanthe, A Review

Today in mime class we are going to learn how to make sad emotions in mime . This is appropriate because last night I went to see a screening of Nights of Rodanthe. Here's a rough review I wrote on the bus ride home:

Having never read a Nicholas Sparks novel before nor seen one of the many film adaptations of his material, I really had no expectations walking into the theater last night for a screening of Nights In Rodanthe. I knew there would be romance and that it starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane. The story is actually much better than I thought it would be and Richard Gere is charming in the role of Dr. Paul Flanner. A man on a mission, Dr. Flanner hops into his shiny new sports car and heads to Rodanthe to stay at an inn right on the beach. Adrenne Willis, played by Diane Lane is dealing with her kids and her ex husband who wants her back. While her kids are away with their dad in Florida, Adrienne looks after the Inn for a friend of hers who owns it. Gere arrives at this Inn and Adrienne makes sure he is taken care of. These are two troubled souls who desperately need each others company.

We are told that there's a big storm coming. Is this really the best time to rid the cabinets of canned foods and throw it all away? We soon learn that a botched surgery has brought the doctor to town to apologize to the family who lost their mother under the knife. Pretty soon, Paul and Adrienne are making out and fighting a storm, both the storm outside and the storms in their lives. Paul wants to reconnect with his son who he hasn't spoken to in over a year, a task which Paul is able to accomplish in the end. Paul and Adrienne fall quickly in love, he discovers all the mountains and peaks of her body and assures her that the wild horses will one day ride on the beach. The couple grows closer and Paul realizes he must show remorse for the family who lost their mother while he was doing surgery to remove a growth on her face. It's a touching scene when Paul goes to speak with the Torrelson father and son. Families are brought together and emotions soar at a turn of events toward the end of this love story. The woman next to me was sobbing uncontrollably for the last half hour of the movie.

The scenery in this film is really beautiful, filmed on the beaches of North Carolina. I'm sure it's going to bring a lot of people to Rodanthe now. One of the things I am very sensitive about when I go see a film is the music. The music in this film really upped the cheese factor. It was too much. This along with Diane Lane's acting ruined the film for me. It felt like she was acting and I didn't really believe anything she said because of this. Her performance left a bad taste in my mouth although perhaps that had something to do with the popcorn. If this movie had been made differently it really could have been good. The story is pretty gripping.
There were a lot of people crying so if you decide to go see this film be sure to bring some tissues because you'll probably cry until the wild horses come home.

So did anyone happen to see the David Blaine special on TV last night? The Dive of Death? It was the most ridiculous thing I have seen. They kept on saying "well stay tuned, we don't know what's going to happen...anything could happen as David dives four stories to the ground". Okay sounds sort of interesting. I walked away and came back to see David Blaine jumping, attached to a bungee cord and then he started being pulled up and then the lights went out and apparently he was gone. I don't get it. I don't think the crowd got it. What was supposed to have happened? Did something go wrong? Was there a risk of death in this stunt? I'm confused.

So Johnny McCain canceled his appearance on Letterman last night and Letterman didn't seem too happy about it. This is priceless, Dave, just priceless.

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Ann Marie said...

Discovers all the mountains and peaks of her body?? Oh Evan, this sealed the deal for me. I'll be waiting for this movie on DVD so I can cry uncontrollably in the safety of my living room. I totally agree with you about the David Blaine stunt. What was that about?