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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Today Sh*#

I heard about this slip up on the Today Show and had to find it on YouTube. I'm glad I did. Matt Lauer is awesome.

I went to the Super Stop and Shop last night and noticed that they changed their logo. Important news, I know. I also found out last night from watching Ted Allen's Food Detectives that if you eat enough poppy seeds (12 bagels or one large piece of poppy seed cake) you will not pass a drug test. Who knew?


More baggy pants arrests in Florida...oh this gave me a laugh. Poor guys.

MTA unleashed the new double decker bus in NYC!

Do you believe in the Bush Doctrine?:

Hello? Hello? Gaga ma mo dada.

Who is this?


Have a great weekend everyone. If the International Pickle Festival doesn't float your boat why not check out the Brooklyn Book Festival. As for me, I've got a hot date with Ike.

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