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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mama's Mint Chocolate Chip

Good morning on this very rainy Friday morning. I am really bummed that Mime week has come to an end. I've got to find a way to bring it back. Well, today's mime lesson is going to teach you how to read a newspaper. Be sure to try this on the subway and you'll be a superstar.

I am hoping to be able to test out my new video camera this weekend so that I can put something together to post on the blog. The camera is tiny and shoots in beautiful HD. One step closer to filming the pilot of Evantourage.

I started up my personal training sessions last night and it felt good. I have set a goal and am working towards it and everything is coming along very nicely. Speaking of gyms, did you know that Ghosts workout? Well they do.

Crazy news today:

Ice cream anyone? PETA is urging Ben and Jerry's to start using breast milk to make their ice cream. I know, I know, just think of the endless possibilities of new snappy ice cream names they could come up with...

And, another one bites the dust.

Here's one market in the city I won't be going to. Charging shoppers an "energy surcharge", please.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and before you go, check out Manohla Dargis' review of Nights of Rodanthe. It's the funniest review I have read in a long time.

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