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Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Convention Has Been Brought To You By AARP

I made the huge mistake of watching the Republican National Convention last night. It felt more to me like an AARP Klan gathering. The median age being 65 and when the cameraman could find a minority he/she made sure to get a shot of them. I don't really want to focus on this because it'll just get my blood boiling again. I love how the Republicans act like an alien force came into the country and made it the way it is and now they are the heroes that are going to try to fix it. Laughable.

In other news...

I've mentioned this before but finally someone in Florida was arrested for wearing baggy pants!

And also in Florida, police are looking for a cross-dressing thief who left behind nothing but a fake breast....

I'm glad Dave is sticking around for a few more years.

This new UK show looks great:

My hair has gotten really long in a few months so I'm getting it cut'll go something like this:

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