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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Penn and Teller

I have been a huge fan of Penn and Teller for many, many years. My dad took me to see them when I was 11 and they had a show on Broadway. I loved it and I even got to meet them after the show. I have since seen them when they bring a show to New York and I am a huge fan of their show, BS on Showtime. Have you seen it? They rip apart everything from psychics to sensitivity/diversity training (an episode that I watched last night) and the show is hysterical. According to them, diversity training is a big gimmick and a huge money maker. The number one reason why companies hire someone to do diversity training is because that company is facing a lawsuit. I highly recommend this show and you can get episodes of the show on DVD if you don't have Showtime.

I wonder when they are going to start doing this to dogs in the US...

Just who is the mystery film critic?

American Airlines was hoping to increase business by introducing Wifi on their flights. Now there have been numerous complaints about people going to adult websites. And don't call me Shirley.

And now, it's time to dip into the Clips and Quips vault to pull out another classic clip. This one took place at The Museum of Natural History and was by far one of the best premieres we covered. Now they screened the movie and then had a sleepover for the kids and Ben Stiller gave them a flashlight tour of the museum. So it was only appropriate that Boaz wore a onesie. Check out our coverage:

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