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Friday, September 5, 2008

Exclusive Palin Footage

Evan Almighty has obtained exclusive never-before-seen footage of Sarah Palin...

Thanks to Johnny Wright at and former Late Show co-worker for finding the above still shot. It's brilliant. I get a huge kick out of the cheesy Republican videos. Who edited these things? This is my personal favorite and unfortunately it didn't air the other night because Giuliani blabbed on for too long.

Isn't it time to discover the physical and emotional well being you deserve? It sure is, and Ocean Healers want your money. I found this site advertised in the back of The Hollywood Reporter and had to investigate.

Michael Moore is letting people download his new film for free on September 23rd. If you want to sign up for the free download of Slacker Uprising, click here. Here's a trailer:

A six foot Zucchini Grows In Queens.

Here's another great story...A bus driver gets lost and drives around Brooklyn with the kids on the bus for five hours. Everything about this story screams bizarre and I'd like to hear what excuse this guy has.

The Daily News really has had some great stories lately including this one about the Queens truck driver who rigged up a license plate device that would hide his plate as he went through a toll plaza, avoiding the $40 fee.

That's all I've got for you on this Friday. We're supposed to get some severe rain this weekend so go get a movie and cuddle up with someone you love. Team bonding is today so I will be sure to get some photos up on Monday.

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