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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Mime All The Time

In yesterday's post, I linked to a video which showed you how to pick an apple in mime. I'd really like to see some of my readers try it so send in your videos and photos of you picking an apple. I thought I would continue with the mime series all this week and today try to find a video showing how to lean in mime. Didn't you always want to impress your friends with that one? Or how about the rubber pencil trick? Here's the leaning trick.

I'm not sure you wanted to know this much about the rubber pencil trick but oh well:

I think the professor needs to loosen up a bit.

I thought we already knew about Clay Aiken?

Word has it that Kanye is working on a new version of "The Muppets".

Some people at the gym were watching The Biggest Loser last night but did you know that Jesus was also a trainer?

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