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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer is almost here

Friday marks the first day of Summer which means longer days, watermelon, fireworks, corn, berries, warm breezes, the beach, shorts, ice cream, fireflies, peaches, lemonade... gee, I'm sounding more and more like Garrison Keillor. I better snap out of it...

Oh right, so my point was that if you are looking for a summer destination why not make it this nude Vermont beach. Wait, is that a wood paddle?

And in the blogging world....

Have you been in a waiting room lately? It's such a fascinating place to observe people. I was in the waiting room yesterday waiting my turn to get blood drawn. To my left was Val, she was in her 70's and reading the local paper, The Daily Record. To my right, Melanie, who worked at JC Penny and usually went to a LabCorp near her house but that one gets so crowded that she tried this location. Closest to the window was Eugene, a guy around my age who was getting riled up because they couldn't find the paperwork that his doctor was supposed to fax over. Finally, there was another woman, whose name I didn't catch...but she was having a glucose screening and was told to drink a bottle of orange sugary liquid in 5 minutes. I watched her drink it slowly and eventually the guy who gave it to her told her she needed to hurry up and finish it. I finally got called in and though it took a few minutes, the "vampire", as she referred to herself, extracted enough blood and I was sent home.

Speaking of Waiting Rooms:

I hope you have a great day.

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