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Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging at 12

I will write more about the weekend in tomorrow's blog... Yesterday, I participated in a 5k race with Elissa and afterwards there was beer, hot dogs, and watermelon. So I have been throwing away a lot of stuff from the past and I came across a daily writing exercise I had to do in middle school. The teacher would write something on the board and we would have to continue the sentence. I'm going to post these for you to enjoy. Here's the first one:


Daydreaming... (that's what the teacher wrote on the board)

(And here's what I wrote)

Daydreaming is something that everybody does during a boring subject in school. I once daydreamed during a subject and then the teacher called on me and I didn't know the answer. I was daydreaming about all different things. One day I dreamed that this weird guy made me invisible.

Here's another one for your enjoyment:


How to play footbal...

The quarter back throws the ball. Someone on their team catches the ball and tries to make a touchdown. The problem with scoring a goal is that people from the other team try to stop you, so they tackle you. A tackle is when the people on the other team try to get you on the ground so that you can't score a touchdown. If you play football you also should wear a lot of padding so that you don't get hurt. Football is a very good sport, and that's how you play it.


Andrew said...

That wasn't from Ms. Satterlee, was it?

And I'm sure I totally got the spelling wrong on that one. But that's what my head remembers about 6th grade.

Evan said...

Hey Andrew,

YES!! That was Ms. Satterlee...