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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ach Ja (Oh Yes)

We all love Sacha Baron Cohen and I was happy to see that his next movie, Bruno, will hit theaters May 15, 2009. Check out this website for some behind the scenes fun. If you haven't seen Da Ali G Show, do yourself a favor and add it to the queue...respect.

Now, who doesn't love a good thong story. Okay, Okay..let me try to get this straight. This woman goes into Victoria's Secret, tries on a v-string, and claims a metallic piece flew off and hit her in the eye causing injuries? Now she is suing Victoria's Secret and probably hoping for a lifetime supply of v-strings. So the next time you are in Victoria's Secret, be careful, wear goggles when trying on v-strings.


So Mark went to China for a week and as always, he brought back some candy. Below is a photo of the box of candy. He asked me why I thought no one was brave enough to unwrap the box and try it I told him maybe it was because it looked like the candy was made of Panda. See for yourself:

Wait, do you know...where did I put My Lil' Reminder? I can't remember..

Have a great day.

1 comment:

andrea said...

I would like some panda candy, please.