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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hazy, Hot, and Humid with a hint of Urine

It's going to be hot and humid today so I am bracing myself for the commute home. How will you cool down? Frappuccino? Dip in the pool? Lemonade? Gelato? I'm just going to keep on watching this:

I was very excited to read this article.

Millions of men and women who suffer from premature baldness or hair loss could soon be able to regain their original lustrous locks - by cloning their remaining hair in the laboratory, research suggests.The new technique, known as “follicular cell implantation”, has already shown positive results in continuing clinical trials on human beings. The work, being carried out by a British team, is being hailed as a major advance in hair restoration and is backed by a £1.9 million government grant.

I'm looking forward to regaining my original lustrous locks..lustrous locks...lustrous locks..lustis looks..lustric strocks...

Not only do we have to be careful what we pack to bring on the plane, but now we can't wear Transformers t-shirts? Oh, come on!

So have you seen the show Bizarre Foods? I haven't really watched it but have been curious so I checked some clips out on's gross, really gross. Here's a clip and be warned, it's gross.

In case you were wondering, this is the book I am currently reading and it's really surprisingly fascinating. Want to be the most popular kid on campus? Join an acapella group.

Hey, don't you wish you could impress guests with bartending skills? Well, now you can! I found this series on YouTube that will teach you to make a number of drinks!

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