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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Signs We See

I'm sure you have come upon signs that have mistakes in them. Well yesterday I came across the two shown above. The first, a small little sign placed by the exit of Whole Foods. It's blurry so I'll tell you what part of it says: " Our store is location is convenient to many subways and bus lines thus reducing the..." How could they put this brass sign up in the store with such an obvious grammatical mistake?

And the second note advertises a room for rent in a Niece building...not a nephew or uncle or aunt, but a niece building. Glad to see NYU is teaching students how to proofread.

I think everyday there is another article in the paper about another positive effect of alcohol. Here's the new claim.

Uh oh, Oprah's doing the happy dance...

I've recently been obsessed with Infomercial bloopers and here's my pick of the week:

I would like to start having some guest bloggers so if you are interested in contributing please let me know. I've put the offer out to Brian and Devang and perhaps they will take me up on it.

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