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Saturday, December 26, 2009

At The Movies

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends and family. I am really enjoying my break and have been relaxing and discovered this new movie theater in Hoboken. It's new, there are lounges and the staff is over-the-top friendly. While it's somewhat of a walk for me to get there, it's well worth the stroll through town. This weekend I saw Avatar and It's Complicated. There are still many films I want to see and will hopefully get to them during the week.

I have also been using my time to work on some other projects I had to put on the back burner.

Speaking of which, it was just another saturday afternoon at the local high school soccer field:

How did you get back there??? I don't want to tell you.

For those of you who didn't receive coal for Christmas, I hope you received some fun gifts. This time of the year isn't just about the gifts's about spending time with friends and family...right?

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