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Monday, December 14, 2009

Middle School Monday

The circus, ahhhh the circus. Friday night, after a 20 something year hiatus, I returned to the Big Apple Circus. It was a magical evening, as I could immediately recognize the smells and sights that I used to love as a kid. The music, Grandma, things that have remained the same and things that were different all collided and it was an overwhelming sensation. As a kid I remember my grandma taking us to see the Big Apple Circus every year. I distinctly remember many things about this experience and one of the things that I remembered were the metal bleachers they used to have, which have now morphed into comfortable chairs. Turns out my dad lost his favorite hat to those bleachers which is most likely why I remember them. When I spoke with him on the phone over the weekend I told him I had found his hat. In addition to a twirling horse, trapeze, the wheel of death, not-so-swift audience members, a new ringmaster, the worst act came about halfway into the show. It looked like a proposal, it smelled like a proposal, IT WAS A PROPOSAL. Nothing more romantic than proposing to the woman you love in the same spot where the twirling horse shat a few minutes earlier. Okay, not really but you get the point. I had a chance to hear what some of the kids in the audience were saying when this proposal was taking place.

"Mom, who is this clown?"

"He's short, why would she want to marry him"

"She'd be much better off with the ringmaster...oh, I get it RING-master...*giggle* *burp*"

"Dad, if he's a contortionist, when is he going to start stuffing himself into that tiny box?"

All in all, I had a really good time at the circus and I'm looking forward to going back again and re-implementing the tradition.

With my birthday and the holidays coming up I thought it might be fun to open up my Middle School yearbook and share with you a few of the comments from my then classmates. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Let's see, how about something from 1994:

(unfortunately this comment is nameless)

"Dear Evan,
Hope your summer is as fun as this year was, which wasn't too fun. But anyway have a good summer, see you next year"

"Hey Evan What's up your a really bright kid. I notice that you get all good grades. I know your in only one of my classes. I'm not in all smart classes like you are. Your probably going to get an A in Mrs. Leavens class. PS. Lets go Devils. Your friend Rob"

and now we fast forward to 1995:

"Hey Evan,
You've got the coolest hair in the world. I wish I was you! Well, I don't really know you that well, so next year we have to become close! Have a kick asssummer! See ya in high school! Michelle

Well, we've come to the end of today's post. I'd like to point out that there was no use of any videos or links. So for those of you who are always complaining about this, you can't complain today.


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