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Monday, December 21, 2009

29 and Feeling Fine

I love birthdays, what better way to celebrate growing older than with good friends, a candle, and delicious food. I had an amazing birthday this year and it is always followed by more holidays and time off from work, who could ask for anything more? On top of it all, there was a snow storm which blanketed the bustling city in a layer of white powder.

I was going to take a few days off from blogging but wanted to post a few things for your viewing enjoyment:

Like, Extreme Kids Playhouses.

This site reminded me of a site I had posted on here awhile back, one that is too good not to post again! Here it is. Take a look at how the kids are dressed and positioned. Hilarious.

He asked them to turn the lights down because they were too hot. Then he asked for some Air Conditioning and a glass of water. She laughed. He fainted.

Dude Passes Out During Interview - Watch more Funny Videos

In case you weren't chilly enough today, let's talk a look to see what the Polar Bear Club is up to.

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