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Friday, December 4, 2009

Still Posting After All These Years....OHHHHH, Still Posting.

It's hard to believe that I started this blog almost two years ago. January 5, 2007 was my first post on Evan Almighty, it was short but it started this journey of daily blogging. Some people don't understand why I do this and I don't care that they don't understand because I'm not doing it for them. I'm doing this for me, myself and I. Sure you get some entertainment from it, laughing at my stupid jokes and observations. But I enjoy doing this. Okay, time to transition into something more fun.

Like this, a man dressed up as an elf told the mall Santa he had dynamite.

Nothing feels better than getting your car washed. Whether you do it by hand or go through a machine, a sparkling clean car is so nice. Well, as long as you stay dry...:

Hoses Gone Wild.

The overweight flight debate continues. Should obese people pay for two seats? You may have seen this new photo.

I was waiting for the subway yesterday and had the pleasure of listening to a subway performer I have never ever seen before. And he was really good! He was singing opera along to an orchestral recording and people were loving it and he was making a lot of money too. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to find some video of him:

Maybe I can get him to sing us a special song for Evan Almighty.

Honey, the Robinsons are at it again:

Hope you have a great weekend!

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